Manchester Ship Canal Offices


The first photo here, taken in the sixties, shows the MSC offices and clock tower and, at the junction of Station Road, Grosvenor Street and Dock Street, the Bull’s Head. Beyond the MSC offices, in Dock Street, is the Horse & Jockey pub, now visible in the second photo, after the surrounding buildings were demolished in the 1970s to make way for the M53 motorway.


The Grosvenor & Victoria Park

The first photo, from the sixties, shows the Grosvenor pub (now Grosvenor Apartments) and Victoria Park (now road and motorway embankment).



The first picture was taken in the 1960s, and shows a working dockside. The second photo was taken today.

Burton’s in Whitby Road


Whitby Road, probably sometime in the sixties, and today.
This one shows how easy it is to miss details above street level, at least for me. Until I started working on it, I was completely unaware that one of the Burton’s signs was still there, on the side of what is now Motorworld.

The lull in the traffic today gives the impression that there is less traffic now than when the first photo was taken, but that impression would be wrong., as a few moment either way the road was full.


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John Street School


John Street School in the sixties, and today. Not much has changed, most of the chimneys are still there, and there is even a tree that I’d like to imagine is the same one.


Another View of Leigh’s, Station Road


Railway Station – Now You See It…


I’m still not sure there’s any point to this one, as there’s not a single detail that matches in both photos. Westminster Bridge now completely obscures the view of the buildings that survive on Station Road. That fact alone may be of interest though, so here it is. I can’t guarantee the accuracy, but it’s as near as I can get, using an aerial map and my best guess.

Whitby Road in the Fifties


The road to the left here is Victoria Road. Just behind the photographer, to the right, was the Co-op (most recently McDonalds), and beyond that were fields known locally as the Co-op fields. The buildings there now weren’t built until the 1960s. This was the top end of the town for shopping.

Grace Arms


The Grace Arms, named after the former owners of Whitby Hall, over the road in the middle of a public park

Westminster Bridge, from the Railway Station


I’m not absolutely certain but, from the way the people are facing the road, the first photo in this animation looks like another view of the opening ceremony for Westminster Bridge, on the 29th of July, 1961.

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